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Funeral Costs

We appreciate that cost can be a big factor when arranging a funeral and we aim to be transparent in our charges , offering you different options depending on your budget or requirements. View our current price list here, but please always feel you can approach us to talk about our costs.


Help With Funeral Costs


The cost of the funeral is often met from the deceased own estate. If there are not sufficient funds available you can make your own personal financial arrangements to pay for the funeral or you may wish to consider a funeral loan from a specialist company for example “funeral safe” for more information about them  


If the person making or responsible for the funeral arrangements is receiving one or more of the major state benefits or tax credits they may be eligible to get financial help from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) If the claim is successful, the DWP will contribute some funds towards the cost of a funeral for more information

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