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Registering a death

You will need to contact the Registry Office within the district where the person died, rather than where they lived and you should register the death within 5 days.


Registration can also be made by declaration if you are unable to attend a registry office within the district where the person has died.


It is advisable to check their opening hours and if you are required to make an appointment. Some registration offices allow you to book an appointment online and the registrars will then check that you are a qualified informant.


Remember to take the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death with you. If you can find the Medical card, birth or marriage certificates, take those along too. The registrar will ask you for:


  • Full name of the deceased.

  • Date and location of death.

  • The date and place of birth of the deceased.

  • The occupation of the deceased.

  • If applicable, the maiden or previous name of the deceased.

  • The name of his/her spouse, and his/her date of birth and occupation.

  • Whether the funeral will be burial or cremation.


In return, the registrar will issue formal copies of the death certificate which are suitable for banks, pensions and insurance companies etc. These certified copies of the death certificate are purchased from the registrar. Also issued is a white certificate to notify the Department for Work and Pensions about the death and a green certificate (required for burial or cremation) which we will need in order for the funeral to take place. This form should be forwarded to us as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delay. As funeral directors we cannot usually register a death for you but can of course provide you with all the contact information and details of all the local registrars.

Registry Offices

West Sussex - Register a death West Sussex county council website

East Sussex - Register a death East Sussex county council website

Brighton - Register a death Brighton council website

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