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“I don’t want a fuss, just stick me in a cardboard box” - Is Direct Cremation the Answer?

We often hear the words “I don’t want a fuss, just stick me in a cardboard box” when you ask people about their own funeral wishes.

It’s often not exactly what they want, its more that they don’t want a big fuss or too much expense. They may not like the idea of a funeral cortege parading through the local town/village in sombre funeral ceremony, it might just not be their style.

A current trend of direct cremations with clever advertising seems to offer a solution to the no fuss funeral problem. Offering a funeral without a service, with adverts showing a happy party celebrating a person’s life instead.

If only death was that simple. As funeral directors we come face to face with all manner of deaths from natural and expected, to terminal illnesses and unexpected tragedies (and everything in between). No matter how it happens, it often leaves the family feeling overwhelmed and lost with what to do next. This is why a funeral may be a really important part of the grieving process. It’s not about having a big funeral with loads of people, flowers and limousines. But the journey of grief by helping family and friends adjust to the reality of what has happened and how their life is now different. A funeral doesn’t have to be a full traditional affair or a direct cremation without anyone attending. There are lots of options in between these to suit your individual styles, beliefs and needs.

This blog is not wishing to abandon the tradition style funeral or dismiss the occasional need for the direct cremation service. This is about raising awareness of the choices and flexibility we have as local funeral directors to tailor each funeral to each family. A “no fuss funeral” does not have to mean an unattended funeral.

We are happy to guide you through lots of meaningful way to arrange a simple family farewell and minimise costs to suit your wishes.



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