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  • R.A. Brooks and Son

A Heart Warming Gesture

We were filled with pride and appreciation to receive this personalised commemorative heart from Ashes Into Glass.

Enclosed was a note reading:

“Here at Ashes Into Glass, we have been working throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic whilst following social distancing guidelines. We have been receiving fewer orders than usually as the funeral sector and the country as a while gets used to a new way of working, we thought it appropriate to use our time to create a commemorative heart to show our appreciation and support for the work you are doing. Thank you”.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have continued to be dedicated to the families that we serve and that need our services during these uncertain times. We, like many, have adapted our operational procedures to fit in with this changing world that we have found ourselves in.

We have implemented special measures and working practices in order to continue providing funeral services safely with the greatest level of care, dignity and respect possible.

We thank all our families so much for their understanding at this time: together we shall succeed in beating this. We have been caring for the community for over 100 years and will continue to do so.



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