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  • R.A. Brooks and Son

In with the Old

Our hand drawn funeral bier was manufactured in May 1894, built by Lyne & Son of Stratford -upon-Avon. William Gladstone Lyne had a showroom & workshop on Guild Street and Henley Street, with living quarters above the Henley Street showroom. He is listed as being a Coach/Carriage Builder. His Wife’s name was Lydia. They had at least one son who was also involved in the business as William died on 30th January 1879, aged just 46. His wife took possession of his business and we assume continued to run it with the aid of her son.

The bier was obtained by R. A. Brooks & Son around 35-40 years ago from Newick Church. In August 2019 we arranged to have the bier collected by Classical Biers Ltd. to commence dismantling and a full restoration.

The steelwork was somewhat rusty, two of the wheels has rotten woodwork and the rubber topped wheels were rusty and the rubber all broken. The wheels were removed, steel rims severed from the wooden wheels and the wheels sent away to be repaired. After dismantling the main chassis, the steelwork was sent to a painter to be sandblasted, zinc coated and finished in a high glass black powder coat paint. Whilst this was happening a new stretcher was being made in European Oak to the exact pattern of the old one (which was sadly falling apart). The bier was rebuilt, and all woodwork finished in a satin clear osmo oil to give UV and waterproof protection to the wood. The original manufactures brass plate was fitted.

We are now able to offer this beautiful fully restored hand drawn funeral bier to our families.



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